I’m Jovan Glasgow, speaker, coach, and consultant for organizations that care about the vitality of their people.

Jovan Glasgow

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My mission is to create more personal and professional fulfillment by challenging, inspiring, and empowering human potential.

Discovering this mission came after experiencing a major loss…

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My story starts with my father…

Growing up in Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean, I witnessed my father’s big heart for people, especially for those who were struggling. He wouldn’t hesitate to help if he could, even dipping into savings to buy a neighbor a washing machine when they needed one.

I looked up to him as THE example of how to serve people, and he gave me a glimpse into how that people-focused mission offered true fulfillment.

But by the time I moved to Miami to pursue my degree in aeronautical engineering, like all teenagers, I think I had lost sight of that mission.

Then, in a couple-year blur, I had graduated… and my father had died, losing a swift battle with a rare form of cancer.

There’s a desperation to make your life mean something in the aftermath of a great loss like that. In my grief, what shined through was the example my father had given me, a life dedicated to helping people.

The greatest service I believed I could do was to develop people & be a leader.

I joined my first company in their management training program. Within a year, I was their number-one manager in the country.

My passion for this role drove me to early success (both mine and the employees I was responsible for developing). But internally, I was suffering.

Even as I got promoted at different companies, I was working 50 to 60 hours a week and drinking a bottle of wine a night. Looking around, I saw my peers engaging in similar overwork to avoid their brokenness.

Unfortunately, like so many people, this chapter of my life closed only when I received FMLA due to burnout and rapidly declining mental health.

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Profit without purpose is costing us our lives.

On leave, I finally fully woke up to how overwork was destructive — and just how common it is in the American workplace.

I reconnected to my Caribean roots, where purpose is prioritized over profit. The next iteration of my career was born from this: I blended all my practical leadership experience with personal and purpose-driven development.

Through speaking, training, and consulting, I help organizations honor the full humanity of their people, addressing challenges like communication barriers, past experiences, overwork and burnout, and more. The teams I work with learn how to achieve more while comprising less!

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