Go from a “good place to work” to THE place to work, grow, and become.

Jovan Glasgow is a leadership consultant and productivity and performance expert.

Based in Dallas, TX, and serving organizations nationwide.

Team leadership consulting with Jovan Glasgow

Is your team thriving, or just getting by?

You’ve seen what happens when your people don’t feel valued and recognized and may be overworking to reach organizational goals:

  • Your team doesn’t feel a sense of buy-in for leadership, so they resist positive culture changes that would progress your company forward.
  • Your team doesn’t communicate and collaborate well, leading to chaos during busy periods.
  • There are high levels of overwork and burnout in your company, which results in high turnover, a high number of
    sick days, and poor job performance.
  • There’s a culture of poor work-life balance among your staff, resulting in low motivation at work.

This can create a retention issue (in a competitive labor market!)

You feel it; we all feel it. There’s so much uncertainty in the world right now that people are seeking more from their workplace and leaders.

They no longer settle for competitive benefits and professional development and advancement opportunities. They’re looking for leadership that values their full humanity: investing in their mental wellness, meaning, communication, connection, and inclusion.

Without a holistic approach to leadership, you’ll see problems with productivity and performance in the short term… and in the long term, watch your top talent leave.

Dallas leadership coach
Leadership Consultant and Coach

As your leadership consultant…

Jovan helps you create a workplace that revitalizes and inspires your team

Jovan transforms your organization through your leaders and people.

He works with your entire team or individually with one core leader to increase productivity and harmony — without compromising anyone’s values or time away from work.

As a result, your team members become both individually healthier and more fulfilled, and your team as whole functions more effectively.

Achieve more and compromise less.

From local Dallas companies to multinational organizations, Jovan’s leadership consulting transforms

Pour into your people.